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Living in Beachfront property; what they don't tell you in those glossy ads

Being very close to the ocean, like beachfront, is stunningly beautiful, especially if you're on holiday; but if you plan to live there, you may find yourself fighting the salt all the time.
Salt blows in on the wind in the first 500 meters or so from the coast, but the first 100 meters is really severe.
Leather rots, steel rusts, electrics and electronics corrode. The damage is continuous and extremely expensive.
Even nails and screws will bulge with rust after a year or two. You should not have any steel hardware or fasteners on your house or furniture. Keep as many of your things as possible in sealed containers all the time.
Even silver corrodes, turning your skin green where it's in contact. Only gold and marine grade stainless steel will hold up. And even they get a bit dull.

Be prepared to replace your car often.
Your hair will be frayed.

Sand always gets tracked in, and will damage your floors if it gets ground in by walking on it.

Other than that, it's terrific

I love the beach, but not to live on all the time.