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Schools in Aljezur;

There's a new international school in Aljezur.
See their website;

Lessons are in English

We would greatly recommend anyone who can afford it to send their children to the international school in Aljezur. We think it's great news that this school has opened.

Friends have shocked us with stories of their children that went or are still going to Portuguese schools.
We have heard that leaning by rote, informing on your classmates, and unobtrusive behavior seem to be much encouraged, and valued more than creativity, free thinking, and team spirit.

I have spoken to many parents who told me that the biggest blight on their lives here in Portugal was the suffering of their children in these schools.

I have heard more than one story of "Estrangero" kids being bullied, and how their parents were unable to help them by complaining to the teachers. Apparently it was accepted behavior.

Of course this is not happening in every Portuguese school, but certainly in some, and until recently there was no alternative to these schools here in the Aljezur area.

In fact I know parents that drove every day all the way from Biona in the Alentejo, to Budens to the international school just to avoid the local school. That's a lot of driving!

In our opinion there is nothing better to prepare a child for life in a multicultural multilingual modern society than an international school. We think it's great news that this new school exists and we wish then all the luck.